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Elton John - Early Demos

Uma coleção de demos e gravações
da época do album Elton John de 1970.

Early Demos

Tracks :
01- Your Song (Demo Version)
02- I Need You To Turn To (Piano Demo)
03- Take Me To The Pilot (Piano Demo)
04- No Shoe Strings On Louise (Piano Demo)
05- Sixty Years On (Piano Demo)
06- The Greatest Discovery (Piano Demo)
07- The Cage (Demo Version)
08- The King Must Die (Piano Demo)
09- Rock And Roll Madonna (Piano Demo)
10- Thank You Mama (Piano Demo)
11- All The Way Down To El Paso (Piano Demo)
12- I'm Going Home (Piano Demo)
13- Grey Seal (Piano Demo)
14- Rock And Roll Madonna (Incomplete Band Demo)
15- Bad Side Of The Moon
16- Grey Seal (1970 Version)
17- Rock And Roll Madonna
Bonus Tracks:
18- Border Song (BBC Session With Hook Foot)
19- Your Song (BBC Session)
20- Take Me To The Pilot (BBC Session)

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Anônimo disse...

Can someone please re-upload this? I would love to hear these demos, but the link is 'dead'.

thank you so much!