quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2009

Elton John - Nick Drake Sessions - Best Of DJM Demos - 1968

Raras gravações de Elton quando ele era conhecido como Reg Dwight, nesta época, ele participava de várias gravações em estúdios, notem também, que ainda não tinha acontecido a parceria com Bernie Taupin...


Tracks :
01-When The Day Is Done
02-Saturday Sun
03-Sweet Honesty (incomplete)
04-Way To Blue
05-Shadows On The Wall
06-You Can't Deny That I'm You (incomplete)
07-I Don't Mind
08-Give Me Something To Hold On To
09-Time Has Told Me
10-It's Yours, Go Out And Get It (incomplete)
11-the Tide Will Turn For Rebecca
12-When The First Tear Shows
13-Angel Tree
14-Turn To Me
15-I Can't Go On Living Without You
16-When I Was Tealby Abbey
17-A Dandelion Dies In The Wind
18-You'll Be Sorry To See Me Go
19-Where It's At
20-I Get A Little Bit Lonely
21-Hour Glass
22-Taking The Sun From My Eyes
23-And The Clock Goes Round
24-Regimental Sgt. Zippo
Tracks 8-11: feature Linda Peters on vocals and Elton on Piano.

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